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Giavonna Fiore, high school junior, was recently chosen as Artist of the Week to represent the arts of Blue Ridge on World Via (WVIA). WVIA is a TV and radio station that airs PBS, which chooses a school for each week to show the talent of one art student and one music student. On January 9th, 2019, Fiore went to the studio to film her feature that is expected to be aired around April. Multiple students have been interviewed in the past (see WVIA ).

This opportunity has left Fiore feeling very humble. It’s amazing that her work will be aired on TV in the spring, and when asked if she wanted to accept the offer, she was very excited.

In total, Fiore was allowed to present five originals.

Art by Gia Fiore, Photo taken by Micah Mullen

This art piece represents how a good majority of people being blind to the important things around us.

Art by Gia Fiore, Photo taken by Micah Mullen

Apperception symbolizes how in order to create a more understanding world, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of others and understand their perspective. Apperception won a Silver Key Award for Scholastics.

Art by Gia Fiore, Photo taken by Micah Mullen

This is a surreal piece depicting two girls at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City looking at the Picasso painting, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon.

Art by Gia Fiore, Photo taken by Micah Mullen

A watercolor piece representing mother nature.

Art by Gia Fiore, Photo taken by Micah Mullen

The last one is a portrait representing Cupid’s arrow and how emotions can leave you blind to the pain.

Her pieces of art are one of a kind and very thought out, putting her heart and mind into her work. “I was very grateful to have the experience and had a lot of fun,” says Fiore.

The feature showing Fiore will be aired soon on PBS.


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